A month before Christmas…

And as usual I'm not at all ready. But I quite honestly don't mind: I don't usually start much of the Holiday shopping etc. until December (or at least late November) anyway. That said, it is time for me to start thinking about Christmas/Holiday cards. If you would like me to send you a physical Christmas card in the mail please do message me (either on Facebook, Twitter, email, or here etc.) with a current address and you'll be updated/added to my card list. I do of course have a standard list of people to send to but I know that some folks don't appreciate the physical cards any longer and my list changes every year as a result of lost addresses etc. I do know that many of you love to receive actual mail however.

As for my own Christmas shopping, I have I think at least 4 or 5 exchanges (secret santa or White Elephant) to prepare for along with the regular family gifts. And I've at least SOME ideas for two or three of these. I'm waiting on at least one person's wishlist before shopping for him and look forward to at least a couple special holiday shopping events (one's a craft show, one's just a shopping event with sleighs etc.) to get me more in the mood. Since I have this week off from work (I decided to take the rest of my vacation time) I haven't really been exposed to that many Christmas carols, though I suppose that many other retail establishments have likely been playing holiday songs for quite some time now. I've only now added my holiday collection to my music rotation but as I have so little of it digitally I don't hear it all that often either.

As for holiday gatherings and parties I have a rather sparse list of events to make it to this year. Which is a bit refreshing, I guess. I know that much of December will fill up with gatherings and other events as time goes on, for which I'm thankful, as I really do love the holiday season! And then there's the surprises that I look forward to receiving in the mail and otherwise. But a lot of the fun of the season is in volunteering, in spoiling others with experiences and kindness, gifts and time. And really I do look forward to some of the great aspects of this season. It's crazy how quickly time has flown by this year… to think there's just a month until Christmas!