Comic books and Doctor Who

Today marks the 51st anniversary of the launch of my favourite TV show at the moment. And while I'm FAR FAR FAR from caught up on the classic Who TV episodes, or on the comic books, I really do want to keep up with the new Doctor Who comics and TV episodes. I'm on top of the TV episodes, of course and am enjoying rewatching them on Blu-ray. So there's that. Season 8 made me alternatively really frustrated and really happy, so there's that.

And I owned a few of the comic books. Essentially this meant that I owned a few trade paperbacks but wanted to own and to have read all of them from the 'new who' era. And I eventually endeavored to do this… and last night/today I finally figured out precisely what I am still missing (of the stuff that I haven't already ordered/acquired/owned. And so I'm essentially missing one set of comics that I don't already have on hold for me or on order or that I've acquired. And I want those four trade paperback issues before they too become hard to acquire (yes I might be a bit of a completionist when it comes to certain comics) [it's easiest when my local comic book store of choice has what I want or can get it from the distributor, but sometimes I resort to other stores in town or to amazon or other options, which I had to do today as I rather wanted to find more of the awesome comics. And then I'll have all the IDW Doctor Who comics that I would need to complete my personal collection and that will make me a pretty happy woman with respect to that.

I'm really excited about reading all my Doctor Who comics. I've really enjoyed some of the storylines as of yet (and yes, just like the TV show, some stories do fall flat). I'm really excited about the new Titan comic books too… I've read single issue 1 of both the Eleventh and the Tenth doctor and look forward to reading these issues in trades (because I much prefer trades to single issues for re-reading, sitting on my shelf and collecting). But it's really frustrating the amount of effort I have to go to to FIND the IDW comics that I need to complete my collection, even when I'm ALMOST there (with the work I did today to this end I literally just need those four trade paperbacks which are now on my amazon wishlist in the hopes that I won't have to do all the work to get them. I know that they all came out about a year ago now but yeah. The Titan comics are so appealing to me too, especially now that two protagonists have made it into the Doctor Who Legacy iOs game that I love to play so much!

It strikes me that I'm going to have to reorganize my bookshelves again (perhaps this week?) to make my books fit better after having read so many great comics etc. this year. I've gifted and donated some of them away over the course of the past year too and will probably go through some others in my collection and do the same at the upcoming Free Market this Friday/Saturday if I find more books that I'm not 100% convinced are going to be ones I'll want to keep, but my Doctor Who ones (with the exception of stuff I've now got duplicates of) are staying on my bookshelves. I do rather enjoy reading them!