I watch more YouTube than I do regular broadcast television. Which doesn't mean that I don't enjoy a bunch of TV shows (indeed I have a number of shows on my amazon wishlist for example, because I rather like watching them), but rather that YouTube is closer at hand (especially since I don't pay for cable tv or anything of the sort). By far my current favourite YouTube show is TableTop. I've enjoyed this show ever since the first season. And when they had their indiegogo for season 3 I didn't hesitate to support it. In fact I pledged at two different levels (I can't wait for my lootcrate and my other perks including Cards Against Humanity cards!). The backer only episode was super fun, but today I finally watched the first official episode of season 3 and it was splendid! Not only is it a game that I intend to own (I supported the collectors' edition kickstarter mostly as I've loved all of Antoine Bauza's games that I've had the pleasure of playing in recent years). But it included a good cast of players and some wonderful production values! The money raised from the indiegogo obviously went to good use!

Now I'm really going to enjoy watching the rest of this Tabletop season (and thus adding more games to my Board Game Geek Wishlist). Board gaming is one of my most favourite hobbies ever, afterall. I really ought to do more of it!

In other news the month is pretty much half over… meaning that the holiday season is on the way… and I have to properly prepare for that… and for sending some awesome board game gifts to my board game geek secret santa recipient, eh? 🙂 Gosh I love the holidays!