A sick day

Today I could write about a number of things, from the fact that I had people over for board games (and round food) last night, or the fact that I watched the season finale of Doctor Who this afternoon (after I finally got vertical enough to transfer myself to the couch to watch the episode). And I probably have much to say about both (though I refuse to spoiler Doctor Who [I will say I both loved and hated the episode, and cried which likely means it was a decent one as it elicited emotional responses] and I quite honestly don't know what I could type about board games that I haven't already typed in some other venue at some point). The board game evening was really quite awesome and included a good diversity of people, games and food.

But yegads, this headache is pretty ridiculously bad. It began last night (and I have some vague recollections of hitting my head lightly against something, perhaps a cupboard door though that doesn't quite seem right either) and when accompanied by the sore back that I had after sitting on the ground for like 8 hours last night playing board games, it made it pretty unlikely that I could get a decent night's sleep (I woke every few hours, mostly when I shifted in bed). I tried to awaken and go to work this morning but the headache and the general muscle soreness made it excruciating to even roll over let alone contemplate standing for 6+ hours at the store. The headache is going on 15 hours now, and I'm worried that I'll have to call in sick to work tomorrow as I'm having trouble doing much other than lying down. At least I'm sitting about wearing my 11th Doctor bathrobe (which is super comfy!), and had a few leftovers from the party to much on. Ibuprofen hasn't seemed to make a difference in the severity of the headache, though it does seem to make the back pain a bit less noticeable. I really dislike how this is interfering with my life at this point, especially since I had managed to go 6 months without any sick time at work (other than the head and muscles, I feel perfectly healthy, to be honest. I really wonder at the head pain though. I don't think I need medical attention (though I am counting the hours of this head pain, since I'm not one to get serious headaches usually), the last time I tried to go to the doctor for a headache I ended up spending 5+ hours in the waiting room at emergency only to be turned away and told to take pain medication. But this really truly is an annoyance. I feel like I can't move my head and should probably spend the majority of my day lying down. By evening I'll have to decide if I need to take a second sick day, though I really don't want to. I much prefer working to resting about at home with a killer headache and muscle soreness.