My Christmas Wish List!

Ah, people have begun to ask for this, so here I go typing this up! And this year there are a few noteworthy wishes and desires along with the usual.

I maintain two wishlists online: one is on and only consists of things I stumble upon on so it's pretty limited but does include a selection of items that I do actually want. There are a couple on here that I'll list again below as I really truly do want them a lot right now.

The other is on my Board Game Geek profile and basically lists a wishlist of sorts of board games (pretty much only board games): But, I have quite a number of board games at the moment that I have yet to play and a number of others on order and at least one more will likely arrive because of the Board Game Geek exchange… so I'd like to put less emphasis on games for the time being!

Things that I really do want lately (the top two are definitely the ones I want the most this year, hint, hint):
-This AMAZING Doctor Who giftset! Doctor Who Limited Edition Giftset I currently have none of this on Blu-ray and this would make me oh so happy plus it's the best possible deal for all this and comes with a sonic screwdriver universal remote and more!!
-A fabulous wake up light like this one! I've been having trouble getting out of bed in the mornings when it's still dark out and oh my goodness this would make me so much happier with the waking up process, I think!
-ideally someday I would own an eliptical machine, but I will admit that these are large and cumbersome and that I probably don't have adequate space for one, likewise I would love a set of heavier weights as when I DO decide to lift mine they're getting perhaps a bit easy to lift and a set like this one would be nice to have.
-a great board gaming table and chairs, probably from Geek Chic (someday I'm going to have to get me one of these. But oh gosh expensive: this may have to wait for someday when I have a house of my own!
-some awesome Poppy Barley made-to-measure boots! I will admit that I'm more likely to purchase this a few years down the road, but yes, I would love to own these!

– Music by: Paul and Storm, Charlie McDonnell, Alex Day, Hank Green, The Doubleclicks, Garfunkel & Oates — I currently don't own anything by any of these artists but I feel that I would really enjoy it.

Other music (more specifically):
– Light Organ Records: Our First Christmas
– One Christmas at a Time by Jonathan Coulton
– The Same Old Songs, But Live by Molly Lewis
– Around the World in 80 Days by Jay Brannan

And as usual I still long for true love, more great experiences with friends, good food, pampering and much more besides… but the above is the shortlist of sorts. There are probably things I'm neglecting to list here… and there are probably things that I don't know that I want or need (or things that I do, but will have to go find for myself), but this is the annual posting of desires for Christmas as requested by a few groups of people.