Haven't posted in a while, but I guess I'm a year older…

… and while I've spent a bunch of time during the past year not having enough energy (I really ought to be more energetic!), and not being quite as productive as I'd like to be (sure, I'm not superhuman, but this has been ridiculously different than what used to be my norm), I like to think I've come a long long way from my lowest points (mentally, emotionally, physically) this year. And I've got a much better idea of my health concerns (though still no real concrete answers about the arms going numb on occasion thing among other frustrating but oh well issues). I do like the health care I do have access to, and I think I'm finally getting caught up on aspects of my life that have gotten away from me a bit.

And yeah, life's been stressful, be it Kiwanis stress, money stress, stress because I'm female, stress because I'm still a student [and I used to think I would have graduated by now… at least I'm making progress now toward actually finishing these degrees, and fewer people are making me feel badly about it], interpersonal stress, work stress, and, and, and…!

But I had a rather good week surrounding my birthday. I got to work on my birthday but that was followed by a great birthday gathering of those who could attend and some delicious Japanese food (heck, Japanese food is my comfort food of choice and I doubt that that will change any time soon), along with some great conversations. I got some good cards, balloons, a book, and a great case for my Cards Against Humanity cards among other things but more importantly, I got to spend time with friends, many of whom I hadn't seen in far too long. And that counts to me more than most other things could. I also totally enjoyed my free Booster Juice, Marble Slab Ice Cream, Red Robin Burger, and The Melting Pot strawberries (I've only eaten one of the chocolate covered strawberries, but oh my goodness so delicious) that I got for being on the appropriate emailing lists (Boston Pizza's freebie is just a free dessert so I doubt I'll use it this year). I also got to go out with family at The Melting Pot in Edmonton last night and totally get spoiled with delicious food, much of which being reminiscent of my last trip to The Melting Pot in Indianapolis in like 2005 and oh so delicious! It was great to see everyone! My youngest nephew is growing so fast and I'm so pleased that everyone in my family gets along as well as they do! 🙂

I guess I'm realizing more and more as I get older both the advantages that I have and the disadvantages I deal with. And, my time on this planet is limited (as is everyone's!) and I want to do so much more! But you know what, I do love my life, when I think about it, and although there are a lot of things in life that are imperfect, it's nice to celebrate the fact that I've indeed made it through another year and have more adventures to look forward to!