On turning another year older, and the expected wish list posting…

Oh wow, how time flies. Later this month I turn another year older and I dunno, it's been a tough year on me mentally. It feels like there's so much my life is lacking at the moment, and in the last day or so it has gone through more upheaval (yay?)… we'll see where this takes me other than reminding me that sometimes I just need to read and write to stay 'ME' and stay happy with where I am in life. And while I could go and dwell on all the things I haven't yet accomplished by this upcoming birthday that I thought I would have done by now, I'm actually pretty happy with most of what I have accomplished, so we'll leave it at that for the time being.

And onto the birthday wishlist!

I maintain two wishlists online: one is on Amazon.ca and only consists of things I stumble upon on Amazon.ca so it's pretty limited but does include a selection of items that I do actually want. http://www.amazon.ca/registry/wishlist/KL451NLK7LUL
The other is on my Board Game Geek profile and basically lists a wishlist of sorts of board games (pretty much only board games): http://boardgamegeek.com/wishlist/AliKira

Much of which I desire does not fit squarely into the categories of Amazon.ca items or board games, however:
-Molly Lewis' new live album
-great times with awesome friends
-ideally someday I would own an eliptical machine, but I will admit that these are large and cumbersome and that I probably don't have adequate space for one, particularly as I've come up with better ideas as to how to use the extra room in my place.
-a great board gaming table and chairs, probably from Geek Chic
-True love! 😉 (great companionship would be wonderful, really)
-less stress (this is a huge problem)
-more motivation to get my thesis work done (more motivation in general would be exquisite!)
-a real working time turner! This would allow me to get more things done! 🙂
-the money and time to have a true vacation once I graduate from these degrees.
-some awesome made-to-measure boots! http://poppybarley.com/ no, I can't really afford this right now, but my stylish boots are starting to really wear out so I'll need to replace them eventually… and this keeps coming to mind!
-in fact made to measure footwear in general is awfully appealing…
-I want to get some heavier dumbbells (probably an adjustable set (of two) that starts at 5 pounds and goes up from there to 25 or 30 pounds each (or more) in 5 pound increments would be ideal). I really don't need anything super heavy (I don't think I could handle it right now) but my light weights are on the verge of being too light again and I like lifting them!
-Awesome things, experiences, happenings etc. I mean I don't actually always know what I want/need.
-Great food… (if you know me at all you would know how much I love yummy food!)
-pampering (a la Spa or otherwise) as this would also probably help with the stress issue.
-balance in life!
-less misogyny in the world (good gosh that's been an issue these days!)
-the ability to get a good night's sleep regularly, waking up well-rested!
-answers to my nagging mild health concerns (I hope they stay mild, thanks, but my body doesn't always make sense lately)

Anyway those are my wishes at the moment… and no I certainly don't expect to receive the majority of them for my birthday, but one can hope, right?