On Daylight Saving Time pet peeves…

Just like the most of you, I dislike losing an hour. But more than that I dislike the fact that the time change means that we're at a different time difference from areas of the world that change at different times (and in different directions than the rest of us). I dislike that we have to remember which areas do not change (eg. areas of Arizona, the province of Saskatchewan, Hawaii, many countries around the world and formerly other places too etc.). This video talks about some of these issues:

But what annoys me further has always been the fact that folks simply don't express what time they're in properly most of the time. For example I'm now in MDT, meaning Mountain Daylight time, but folks continue to use the MST abbreviation all year round (Mountain Standard Time). This is pertinent as it helps clarify precisely what time we're dealing with — particularly when one of my other pet peeves is people being late (particularly without good reason, though I've gotten better at dealing with this frustration over the years).

Realistically it would be much simpler if we didn't use Daylight Saving Time at all, wouldn't you think?