So called thesis hell … aka. one of many reasons I haven't been posting here recently

I'm finally done the research phase of my thesis. Which means that now I'm beginning the writing phase (well the writing phase post the thesis proposal from WAY back) and that means I'm back in a stage of procrastination (though I seem to be getting better at that, thanks in part to my gamification strategy and also to the fact that my health is better and the weather is better and I'm not spending the month of May traveling every weekend (just the months of April and June apparently).

So apparently I'm writing this little blog update in a sort of procrastination strategy/method of getting things done: things in this sense mean thinking about things and trying to get solidified some writing strategies and deadlines. I've outlined a bunch of things both in life (eg. which months are going to be most expensive [June due to travel and September due to tuition], and which tasks I need to focus on when [both thesis and non thesis related]). I'm still trying to be somewhat superhuman when it comes to getting things done, partially as I want my cake and I want to eat it too so to speak, and I know that I need those little social interactions that make me go to be happy.

I also apparently need my limbs to be behaving. They haven't been horribly bad lately but my arms have been falling asleep and/or causing me pain/numbness/soreness on occasion. Not self-limiting as much as they have been but it's still annoying. I've been a bit of a klutz (hitting my funny bone, making a mess in the kitchen, etc.) but I've also been eating somewhat better and trying to drink more fluids. I'm still struggling to get/stay caught up on the things I had neglected during my travel and conference-filled April… but I'm definitely happy with where things are and where they're going.