Good gosh I'm cold today!

So, crazy things of all crazy things, I seem to be blogging again so soon after the last one I wrote! Yay me! 🙂 Anyway, perhaps my biggest complaint about Edmonton winter (particularly in this pre-Christmas time frame where the spirit of the holidays normally distracts me from most non-ice related weather complaints) is when I have difficulty getting and staying warm indoors. I mean, really, indoors usually I'm dealing with the technical marvel that is central heating, and to put it mildly I generally truly appreciate this feature of North American life (while I HATE the feature of many American hotels where the interiors are OVERLY air conditioned in the warmer months, but I digress).

At work, however, in the wintertime we are constantly contending with the joys of constantly breaking entrance and exit doors. This means that instead of having the double set of doors that open and close, sometimes only one of these two sets is fully functional, making the front end of the store, where I work, rather drafty and cold. It's not as if the store is incapable of being warm: indeed the further one is from these doors and said draft, the warmer one can be (well that and upstairs is a comparative sauna sometimes if you don't include the locker room, and the departments that run ovens are obviously warmer than those dominated by freezers but you get the idea). Today at work, no matter how hard I tried (and I drank warm water and ate warm food on my breaks to help deal with my feeling so cold!) I couldn't manage to get and STAY warm. Bah.

The sad thing is that upon my return home, I feel the same way. I have hidden under blankets, put on my rarely worn slippers (normally my feet overheat in slippers hence why I rarely wear the thin ones I actually like wearing), put on an extra sweater, worn a serape, put up my hood, and shivered… all in attempts to get and stay warm. My apartment's thermostat claims that it's at a balmy 20 degrees Celcius or thereabout but I highly doubt its accuracy for the majority of my apartment, which generally just feels cold. Eating warm soup, cooking, drinking hot chocolate, and using my computers has helped marginally but I still really really hope I sleep better tonight. I think my slumber has been less than ideal the last two nights from being cold (yes I will throw an extra blanket or two on the bed, but I'm not sure that that will either reduce my feeling of being cold or not result in my overheating (joy)). Sometimes I wish my internal temperature control made a bit more sense to me… Ah well, it is winter, I guess (even if the calendar claims the first day of winter to be more like the Solstice, I live in Edmonton and I'm going to be realistic, thanks!).