October: a new month and a new Kiwanis year! etc.

So it's October 1st. Which I guess means I'm a Kiwanis club director now (none of my other Kiwanis roles change). Woo! It also means of course that my Facebook and Twitter feeds are filled with references to this new Kiwanis year and beyond that that given that it's Monday there's a ton of new Internet content to consume.

But really that's not the big deal. It's also October 1st which means that the new RedditGifts exchanges have been assigned (woohoo!), that it's less than a month until Halloween (no I do not have a plan for a costume or anything at this point, though I'm sure I could come up with something if need be), and there's only three months left in the year.

It also means that I've slightly altered my already pretty successful (at getting me to do thesis work and other productive tasks!) gamification formula to do even more thesis work (I think this will be changed each month until the thesis is done, really!).

And yesterday I did take a slight break from productivity following a successful board game afternoon on Saturday (it was very delicious — thanks folks for bringing yumminess!). The seasons are changing, but it's still reasonable outside and I'm pretty pleased with things. Life is good this October 1st.

Yes, life is!