… and an entertaining DishCrawl among other things have occupied my time this week! Although my efforts to exercise have been mostly productive as well my knee hurts today due to the fact that I did something weird to it while doing a wall sit this morning I think. Otherwise I'm doing well.

Everyday this week I've done at least an hour or so of thesis work and so am nearing the end of at least one phase of data searching (I still will have to do quite a bit more of searching and then select sources) but my gamification strategy is actually rather successful! I've even been getting some chores, cleaning and mending done around the house, in addition to some decluttering and reading (yay reading!).

And I also don't feel too horribly behind on other things. I'm getting out of the house daily for social and/or networking events and am working at that life balance thing I'm always struggling with. At the end of the month I'll change my gamification formula a bit (uping thesis representation on the die among other things, I'm sure). But I feel like I'm getting more productive and that my to-do list is becoming more manageable.

DishCrawl this week was fun too — but I TOTALLY overate. Worse than I've done in months too! I should have taken more food to-go but I know too much about food safety to want to cart it around for THAT long. *sighs* It was good however to visit restaurants I'm already familiar with on Whyte: Origin India (buffet — which was the first problem as had I stopped eating after that, I would have still been fun!), Fat Franks, Funky Pickle, and Block 1912 made up our DishCrawl this time. It was definitely a good time had by all!