A busy but AWESOME day! :)

So yesterday one of my friends from my CKI days (when I was a member that is) came to visit all the way from Alaska where he now lives! And it was great: we went to Famoso for lunch, followed by browsing at Wee Book Inn for books (he found one), to the Sam Steele exhibit at Enterprise Square (which was awesome if you're at all interested in North American history — we both learned a lot and saw lots of interesting items from Sir Samuel Steele's very adventurous life), and finally to my place where we talked board games, video games, kickstarters, redditgifts and more geekery. It was so great to see Josh again and good to know that we still have much in common!

In the evening I walked to Wizard's Comics for their first Ladies Night event (co-hosted by YEG Girl Geek) where I came away with quite a few great looking graphic novels thanks to Brandon's awesome suggestions (and Britl's too! I also picked up The Guild Munchkin cards (which I have wanted since they were announced). It was a splendid evening of conversations, geeky moments and more. These are the days that I relish, really. And I hope that there will be many more of them!