Bus ride awesomeneses… or not?

Sometimes watching the folks who take the bus is a pleasure (such as when I'm watching the antics of some smart cute kids and babies as I did on one bus ride yesterday). Sometimes it's just plain bizarre (like when I was greeted by an overly friendly bus driver who constantly joked and teased with the kids on the bus… and who reminded me of Fidel Castro)… and sometimes it's on the verge of creepy (there was that guy carrying an unguarded axe like 10 years ago… or the people you suspect are drinking alcohol on the bus or the men who sit too close and leer and/or want to hold conversations…)

But what saddens me the most is when I'm seeing what looks like eating disorders, drug abuse, prostitution or other folks down on their luck. And when the bus passes through certain neighbourhoods in the city these aspects are much more visible than others. Just as I don't particularly find fakeness appealing (as in fake bodies for clubbing or otherwise) I don't find abuse of one's body or otherwise appealing. But people watching on the bus is quite eye opening, and interesting just the same. Yesterday was filled with it, after having taken 4 different buses through at least 5 different neighbourhoods, I can certainly say that some busing adventures are more interesting than others!