On procrastination and productivity.

So I procrastinate. A lot. In fact this procrastination could be perceived as detrimental or even just a negative effect. But, I don't always deem it as such. I mean sometimes, it is quite evident that I should be doing other stuff than what I am, but I think my continual struggle for balance compels me to procrastinate one thing for another quite frequently, be it getting exercise or spending time with friends, or doing CKI/Kiwanis works or whatsoever else it might actually be.

And lately, I think I've been calming myself down with 'me' time before a busy travel season continues. Sure I'm getting stuff done (yes I'm actually doing some thesis research, and yes I'm working madly on some research assistantship work), but I'm also trying to spend time with folks, or at least communicate with them via text messages, emails and social media.

Usually when I say I'm procrastinating, I'm actually doing something productive, just not necessarily the thing that I'm being asked or thinking about. And I don't actually mind that, because it means that I'm still getting things done.