Back home and in a great mindset!

This morning I unpacked (yes I didn't procrastinate as much as I often do this time). And now, I'm slowly getting ready for my day in other terms. There is much to do, including research assistantship work, but I'll get it done.

SLKP Conference was just what I needed to become more motivated about all areas of my life (not just my Kiwanis-related ones). I really do feel strongly that I can effect some powerful change in my Kiwanis involvements in the coming weeks/months/years. I've also realized some great things about myself while I was gone. Sure, I didn't really leave the hotel much while in Indianapolis, but I had a great time, got to know some fabulous Kiwanians that I hadn't known previously as well as have a good time with Kiwanians that I've already known for some time.

The flights were a bit messed up (one late flight meant a missed connection on the way to Indy and one canceled flight meant a whole new set of flights on the way home), but I saw some good movies (Arthur, Contagion, and The Princess Diaries. I tried to watch The Lincoln Lawyer, but I didn't much like it so gave up after about 20 minutes). While in Indy, I ate (far too much) good food, and spent a lot of time sitting rather than being active, but am not that much worse for wear, even though I may not have slept as much as I should (since when does one ever sleep enough at a conference?).

I have become reinvigorated about my role as CKI administrator and hope to continue to work in this area for the coming weeks and years until I can really get the district into the shape that I want it to be. Of course this process takes a lot of work, so I won't be doing it alone, clearly. Working together is a key part of Kiwanis involvement and I really do feel passionate about this 97 year old organization of which I am a part.

Now I had best go back to organizing, catching up and yes doing research assistantship work.