Writer's Block: Tea for two

To be honest right now I would want to sit down and chat with Hermione Granger as a post-secondary student (or the equivalent) to see how she handles her time management. I find that while I'm good at time management in general, work-life balance issues are at issue, and I feel that she as a character had to deal with these issues in a somewhat super-human way — I only wish I were more skilled at maintaining an appropriate work-life balance.

And this is indeed why I do not blog more frequently. It isn't that I don't have enough to say, but in the midst of my MA and MLIS, particularly now that I'm working not only on coursework but also thesis-related tasks and research assistant work along with my other part-time job, volunteer work, and so much else…

In any case, the semester is winding down with so much work wrapping up, and while perhaps I might feel like I'm on a treadmill of sorts just to get so much done, life is on a whole pretty good… particularly when I manage to make some of my many assignments enjoyable — like assigning social media site participation as required readings.