… since I'm terribly behind on things, very busy and the like, I've started actually cooking (or otherwise assembling from somewhat fresh and less pre-prepared ingredients) lunch. Mostly this stems from the fact that I get hungry around noon-ish and JD is oftentimes trying to sleep. This combined with the fact that I rather like my selection of fitness games for the Wii, and I might actually get into better physical shape again. I'd rather like to in any case.

Lately I've been playing Just Dance, and ExerBeat, doing Wii Fit Plus tests and thinking about playing my other games. Mostly this is an attempt to get more fit — and the fact that I'm usually doused in sweat after a workout tells me that I'm doing SOMETHING right.

Recent meals include salsa, nachos, pasta with relatively homemade sauce, and I guess a bunch of other simpler meals. I enjoy chopping up ingredients with our Ninja blender! 🙂