A brief post-trip start of another school year update

So I went to my dear friends Brett and Diana's wedding in North Carolina last week. It was one of the most enjoyable wedding I've yet attended: most of the attendees were near my age, friendly, and while it was small (50ish people in attendance) it was beautiful: on a plantation with good food, music (lots of Beastie Boys for good reason), and much more.

En route to their wedding I was staying at my friends Jen and Jeff's house in Virginia. They have perhaps one of the nicest homes I have yet visited. I had a great time staying at their place even though my luggage did not arrive with me (it came on the next morning). When I arrived, Jen and I took a roadtrip to Ocean City Maryland and we relaxed on the beach with some of her high school friends. It really was an enjoyable time in that resort town! We ended the day with some great amounts of seafood with all you can eat food at Philips. The next day, Jen and I went to tour Washington D.C. I truly enjoyed seeing the Capital city of the United States including the White House (from afar), several monuments (my favorite was Lincoln's) and a Smithsonian museum (featuring info on the American Presidents and First Ladies, as well as 9/11 remnants and other great displays such as on pop-up books, and on HIV materials).

After the wedding I returned to Jen and Jeff's house for one last night before catching a plane for home. Of course this trip home had to be a crazy nightmare of poor customer service (I have emailed complaints to both Air Canada and United — not about luggage at all (though that didn't arrive with me back home), but because of their customer service agents. Honestly, this was a disappointment. But complaining won't do me well here, instead I can say I was happy to return home and see JD again.

We went for a milkshake at Denny's upon my return (I was craving a milkshake) and split an omelet. The next day was the beginning of school: one class, a shift at work, grocery shopping for our detox, and well… I guess I'm back in the groove again. Slowly catching up on online stuff, but I'm getting there. And research work is getting done (slowly) as is thesis work (slowly too). But I'm getting there.

And the detox diet is easier than I thought it would be. I've been cooking a bit more recently (just as I was doing before I left on this most recent trip). I'm not feeling too bad about having been convinced to join JD on a detox either.

I just wish I knew why these scabs are growing on the side of my nose or why my neck is somewhat sore with no particular instigating incident. Perhaps I'm fighting off a slight infection? Perhaps it's lymph node swelling? I don't really know. It just seems localized to two points on my jaw line. *shrugs* it could just be tension.

Even though I was in the south for some time recently, I'm not really used to this hot weather here in Edmonton. It's a bit unusual. Not a bad thing though, just odd.

Oh and I did this quiz: