So, I'm behind (what else is new though, this summer?)

And really most of my behind-ness lies in three areas: school related stuff, online related stuff, and cleaning/organizing related stuff. Obviously thesis stuff now that it has deadlines, and research assistant stuff (also with deadlines) will have to get dealt with in the short term.

What this means of course is that I'm not outside enjoying the outdoors, biking and/or Fringe-ing this year. Sad, really, but these are the sacrifices one makes for academics etc. And well, it's my own fault for working more hours than I ought to at the supermarket, but then again that does encourage me to get stuff done.

Recently, JD and I have bought a few things: new handsets for the phone at home, a new computer chair, some Wii games (I adore fitness ones among others. JD got Guitar Hero, which I suck at but we're playing anyway). It's hard to find the right combination of me-time and productivity. But I'm getting there, somehow.

Anyway that's a brief update as far as that goes. I'm rather looking forward to a bunch of upcoming things, but in the interm, work and school take priority.