Birthday musings…

I guess I never did post about my birthday… uh… week! I spent so much time responding to Facebook wishes, posting to Twitter and whatnot that I kind of never really mentioned the awesomeness that was my birthday. I honestly enjoyed myself: JD spoiled me with lots of little experiences, culminating with a trip to Jubilations Dinner Theatre on the day itself and the later gift of my new (to me) Motorola Atrix phone. Really, the week was awesome — I enjoyed my gifts from email lists, the personal wishes from friends, family and whatnot. But really, I'm happy to be where I am right now. JD is a fabulous person to be sharing my time with.

And although I'm rather behind on many many things, I am slowly getting caught up on at least some of them. So there's always that!

Thanks to everyone for the great day and week that I had!