As per usual, I'm behind…

And really there's not all that much I can be doing about it — I'm behind where I'd like to be on the packing front (but my laundry's getting done!), and on so many other things, but whatever, right?

At least I'm finally unpacked! And I WILL put in my expense claims to insurance (and others). And I will pack. The list of things to do is manageable.

But hey, I've had a bit of fun too, which is really important given that I've only been home for a week:

Canada Day I worked the third of three full shifts at my supermarket job in a row (money will be nice, seeing as my tiny number of hours worked for my RAship have not resulted in ANY pay since starting the new RAship job — at least no pay that I'm aware of). It's been a long time since I've worked that many hours at the grocery store, really. Then JD and I went to go see the fireworks in the evening. The fireworks were especially impressive this year. I really enjoyed them, and enjoyed spending time with JD as well. On our walk back home we went to an ice cream truck and indulged in ice cream (for him) and a pineapple popscicle (for me). I twisted my ankle a bit on the walk home, but my foot is okay.

Yesterday we were over at JD's mom's place for a BBQ with family before heading over to Maria and Glenn's place for a BBQ/potluck with hot tubbing. Both gatherings were pretty great — though I did get eaten by mosquitoes in Paul Kane park when we were playing frisbee. Great food at both locations too though! And scrabble failed to keep the bluetooth going for a while when we played the iPad version (though the actual version was much better when we played that!). And I DEFINITELY no longer feel vegetable deprived.

Today I slept in, played video games (mostly on my iPod Touch actually) and relaxed (well in addition to doing laundry and I should cook tonight)… All in all a good weekend of sorts… though I need to be doing so so much more!