More biking adventures… and some adventures in homemaking too I guess!

On Friday night I went for a pretty long bike ride — my longest ever I imagine. It was about 30 kilometers in total (around 15 km each way). We rode to JD's mom's place and then back. On the way there it was still light out and we rode through downtown, along the LRT path, down Fort Road and up to their place. On the way back we rode in the dark through some river valley paths before I got tired of hills and darkness, and the sound of people setting off fireworks (illegally — particularly given the fire ban) in the river valley and rode the rest of the way back home through downtown. I'm pretty pleased that I'm CAPABLE of riding that far, let alone that I was able to do it. JD's expensive light really helped things (mine were decent but his was brighter — almost blindingly though on occasion). I wouldn't have ridden that far without his company, particularly after dark!

Yesterday was a pretty full day. I went to the farmer's market with David where I picked up some carrots and a bumbleberry pie, before getting a new haircut by Jackie. In the afternoon we cleaned up a bit, and I made some pizza from scratch before we entertained JD's mom and stepdad for dinner. We followed that by playing Scene It (JD's mom, like my mom is really good at movie trivia. They both have watched a LOT of movies!). After they left, JD suggested we watch a movie, and I produced a couple of free Empire Theatre passes I had saved so we went to see Source Code in an almost empty theatre and ate yummy frozen yogurt (and JD had popcorn and Skittles).

All in all it's been a pretty darn good long weekend (I work tomorrow and get paid double time).