It feels good to be movin'… but not so great when I'm THIS sore.

I'm rather good at overdoing things. For the past week I've been back to cautiously doing the Wii Fit thing again. Sure my wrist pain's been no better than previously as of late, but I know that I have to be active. I love biking again (it's fun!), though my wrists aren't terrible fans of the carrying of my bike among other tasks for example. And EA Sports Active was a bit too stressful on my wrists on a continual basis so I'm back to the Wii Fit I think. So we'll see.

But yesterday, I did a Wii Fit strength workout — pretty much the first time I've even attempted normal pushups since the worst of my wrist problems began. And as per usual, I pushed myself (because that's what I do when I exercise — I enjoy it too actually). So today I'm damn sore: my legs, my glutes, my hips, my abs and my back and shoulders to different extents are sore. But heck, while losing weight isn't really my concern (though it wouldn't be harmful really), I really would like to have more general fitness, body tone and flexibility. And damn it, while I'm imperfect, this does require work. In the summers it is easier obviously, but as a grad student I still have to work at it.

When I'm traveling, I focus on walking frequently, being active, and enjoying experiences I don't usually get to do. Yes, I eat a fair bit — but that goes without saying given my love of flavours. When I'm at home as a grad student, I sit a lot. And that to me is a bigger problem — my joints don't tend to love it for example. So it's a constant battle. But I do feel better about myself when I'm active. And while I'm really sore this morning, I've got to remember that it's for a very worthwhile reason. And maybe, just maybe, one day I'll learn not to overdo it so badly… but we'll see about that.