As the class part of the school year rolls to a close

I'm as busy as ever, but finding it difficult to maintain a proper balance between all that is desired of me. In otherwords, I've got far too much goin' on, but I'm enjoying myself and trying to strike a balance between all that grabs my attention.

This past weekend I was in Indianapolis for my 5th GATC (Governors and Administrators Training Conference) along with my awesome CKI governor. It was perhaps my second favorite GATC for its use value. Sure others might have been more fun, but this one will likely be more useful both to me and for the new governor I am working with. My role as CKI administrator is a lot of my time (and a lot of stress, this week being no exception) but I thoroughly enjoy it.

In just over a week I will be heading to Jamaica for my very first time. This trip is alongside members of the University of Waterloo CKI club in the Eastern Canada district of CKI. My trip will leave me in the Chicago airport overnight (which is less than ideal). If any of you in Chicago want to see me I guess I'll be in your city for 8+ hours — at least in the airport.

I have a tonne of things to do before I leave including my last assignment for the term, my taxes, visiting the doctor to follow up on my wrist issues, several fun events, and yes, catching up on email and whatnot that I haven't been doing, and some RA work.

I don't know what I'll be doing for the summer/school year for income, partially because I don't want to be working as much such as to finish up my degree on timeish. I look forward to getting more thesis-ish work done.