My annual jaunt to the craft sale!

So usually I don't actually start the bulk of my Christmas shopping and whatnot until the Butterdome Craft Sale. I also know that the majority of what I actually purchase at the craft sale is usually for myself, but I always do get my shopping started. And that I did, purchasing for three people in the process. It was fun — it always is — and I spent a bit of money but heck, I can afford it, I guess.

One of these days I'll type up my annual Christmas wish list — partially because I really want to know what my family wants for Christmas. I've gotten them SOME gifts, but by no means all that I need/want to get them at this point. As it is, JD has been doing a darn good job of spoiling me. I have my little mini White Christmas tree up in the corner with the few wrapped gifts I've gotten beneath it (one from JD — the others came unwrapped, and many small presents from a gift exchange partner who lives in Ontario — yay for gift exchanges!).

My apartment will likely remain a mess until tomorrow when I'm hosting some Kiwanis folks for our Young Professionals satellite's Christmas board games potluck thing. I do hope to get some more cleaning/whatnot done before then!

But yes, the craft sale! I adore it and always come out with treats: this year is no exception! I'm getting a custom made poncho/shawl that I was dreaming about this past week in the days before the Craft sale (I mean if I'm dreaming about getting one more than a year after I last saw a similar garment, I probably should do something about it, eh?). It won't arrive until January but hey, I'm not complaining! I picked up an AWESOME shirt (dressy) from Babs, which was serendipitously on sale for well I think about 20% of the normal retail price. It fit PERFECTLY and was red and flattering — plus I do still need more of this kind of clothing so why not eh? Other essential purchases were a new purse from Fuschia Factory (formerly Bootyfly bags), a mirror for my purse, some non-alcoholic champagne, some no salt maple vinaigrette, oven mitts, hand towels, microwave mits/potholders and a necklace. Yes the rest were Christmas presents, but I'm happy with my treats too. It was a good (though long) day!