Sailing through the crisp cold winter air attached by a carabiner!

Oh yes, I went and rode the zipline in Churchill Square this morning. I wasn't sure I'd get the chance to do it this Grey Cup weekend, but heck, Tim encouraged me to come, and so we went. Poor Tim had circulation issues and couldn't stay outside in the cold long enough to partake in the adventure, but I was one of the first to go ride. The stairs were long and the harness different than the type we used at Grouse mountain in the summer time. Now I rather do want to go to Whistler to ride the zipline there — they have 10 runs (compared to Grouse Mountain's 5 runs, I really would love to check that out!).

But yeah, it was great fun — I ascended the stairs and rode across the square. It was cool to spin a bit, and change directions — not too fast for me, just right. I liked the experience of course and though my feet and finger tips were cold, I got down to the bottom and enjoyed.

After soup at City Centre Mall, I headed home to the computer. The plan for today is to get further caught up on email/internet/etc. and more importantly, homework and readings for class! 🙂 Honestly, I got food poisoning at such an inconvenient time.