Doctor Who — watched!

I managed to finish watching the most recent season of Doctor Who today. I think that it was quite the awesome series of episodes. I rather like this Doctor (not that I've seen many of the other incarnations of the Doctor of course, but in due time of course!). I do find I rather like Amy — she has a lot of spunk, and I honestly wish I could wear her wardrobe sometimes! The Doctor and Rory are also great characters — I mean heck who else could pull off what they manage so well (such great characterizations plus I can't help but love the Doctor's bowtie!).

But enough about the superficial elements of the show… I find my imagination soars when I watch it, so it can't be half bad! Plus I'm off to a great start on the homework I've procrastinated all weekend in order to watch Doctor Who now. *shrugs*

Now back to my webcomics research! 🙂