Tupperware, RHPS, Halloween, and Exercise clothing, oh my!

So today I got the Tupperware I ordered from my nephew's mom. I'm pretty happy with it all — partially as I really needed these items (or at least I really needed some of them — some are just fun items that I thought would be useful regardless). So many nice big bowls and containers!

Today I went shopping for a Halloween/Rocky Horror Picture Show costume. I picked up an awesome dress, wig and apron and am going at Magenta (sorta) and I think it's pretty awesome. Not sure I'll be Magenta for the halloween parties I'm also attending in the coming week. Rocky Horror Picture Show is tonight at midnight.

I also went exercise clothing shopping at One Tooth and bought a top, a pair of pants (for the first time ever to get yoga pants), and a pair of shorts. I used a Groupon so it was a rather good deal (I've been using a lot of groupons lately).

Speaking of groupons, I also took Beth out to dinner at Sabor Divino last night to celebrate her birthday — great food! The best duck and risotto combination I've had in a restaurant as of late. Plus I love how they have taster sized desserts. She enjoyed it too.

She's been packing up her boxes — I look forward to not tripping on them anymore when she's gone.