This week in brief: Hackathon, school work and so on!

So this week, I went to the Beyond 2010 Hackathon. I stayed from 9pm until 6am working on the emergency preparedness app that we were working on (essentially I was a proofreader for the information that would hypothetically get included in the app). It was pretty fun, to be honest, and I had fun getting to know people a bit better! I even got to meet some people I never thought I'd encounter in my normal day-to-day life, so that was pretty rad, if I say so myself. Most people consumed a lot of energy drinks to make it through the night, but I only had one caffeinated cup of tea (all my others were tisanes or infusions).

Earlier that evening I had spent some time at the YEG Girl Geek Mixer, which was okay. I think I much prefer YEG Girl Geek Dinners though — maybe if I hadn't been so late it would have been awesomer — still, I really hope to be able to make it to the next one.

The trip to get to the mixer was a gong show — gotta love it when the LRT loses power, really… *sighs* but whatever, I got to the Delta South Hotel okay. Wouldn't want to trek like that in the winter, but the unseasonably nice weather isn't half bad.

Other developments this week include school stuff (I finished my Josie and the Pussycats assignment), and my apartment becoming well… much more difficult to navigate. This isn't a bad thing, entirely, as this is the result of my helping Beth with her organizing/packing to move out, and there is an end point in sight, it's just entertaining for the most part. An adventure, really.