Is there a limit on the number of times one should change the date/time of a Citadel ticket?

… because I've already changed this one twice, and it may be a third time… a third and final time that is, because Eighteen Bridges is launching apparently. They're still using the website that Mihaela and I worked on (in part) with some significant changes and they don't seem (at first glance) to be crediting us at all with that initial work. Alberta Venture is the publisher now, and I really love the magazine to pieces, and all the people who work on it are rad. I got course credit which I think is wonderful, and simply didn't have the time/skill to devote to the project and do a job as good as I would have liked, so it was passed on to these other skilled folks and I'm excited that this project that I worked on is coming to fruition of sorts. And I really hope that it does well. Heck — I'd buy a subscription at the drop of a hat.

But in order to be at the launch, I think I'll probably have to change my Citadel ticket AGAIN. *sighs* I wonder what (if any) date will work for me now?

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!