Sometimes, there's just not enough time for everything…

Often I feel torn. Not because I really ought to be, but because I don't feel like there are enough hours in the day to accomplish all that I want to do. There's only so much that I really can do or accomplish, and while I do know my priorities, sometimes it's just hard to decide how to spend some hours of time. Because really, time is important.

To this end, I'm trying to be both more disciplined and more spur of the moment. And these approaches evidently conflict. But what am I to do, really but try to do what I believe is right? Whether it's taking time for ME or trying to improve myself, or learn more, or spend time with awesome people, all are important.

So yeah, sometimes I don't spend my time in the most effective ways, but heck, I'm trying. And to me, what might not seem the most productive/effective, might be the right answer at that precise moment. This is not always an easy thing to realize, but it's important, certainly