New students, a new year!

So today was the School of Library and Information Studies' Orientation for new students. I attended both to provide tours of the school and to meet up with my first-year buddy (she seems like a really awesome person!). Everyone was so quiet. I hope it was just nervousness/anxiety/shyness and that they get over some of that soon because otherwise it won't be nearly as fun/social. But what got to me was the lack of questions during the tour (my buddy asked LOTS of questions later). I really hope that the new students had the majority of their questions answered, as it's a lot easier to answer them when people are around for that very purpose.

Thane catered the lunch again, which was MORE THAN delicious. Honestly, she's awesome!

In other news, I picked up zucchini from Dave this afternoon, and this evening made a baked zucchini with cheese and mushrooms stuffed thing. It was remarkably good. The nectarine I ate for dessert wasn't great though, sadly enough.

I'm also very happy to have a proper agenda book again!