Ways in which JD has been a good influence on me:

– I cook more (and sometimes it actually tastes really good). I'm glad to be out of my like 4 year long anti-cooking phase!
– I clean more often.
– I can make risotto!
– I think I have more realistic attitudes toward relationships and sex.
– I have a better grasp of some technologies.
– I own more technology and (gasp) even use it regularly
– I like to think I exercise more and more effectively
– I think I make healthier eating decisions more often

There are other things, of course, like the fact that I'm trying to become more self-aware, but generally I think that JD has been positively impacting my life.

In other news, today I awoke with a sore-ish throat and some muscle aches. I am working to stave off illness: here's hoping that I succeed!