As you well know: I am rule-bound. And I like it.

… even though it doesn't always work for me, I do like rules and order.

I firmly believe people should deal with the consequences of their actions. This isn't to say that I'm not forgiving, or that I don't believe in forgiveness, however I do believe that when people break rules, they should realize that there are consequences (whatever they may be) and they should be prepared to deal with them. People should know the rules — breaking rules because of choice, I find, is much more reasonable than claiming that you didn't know that they were there — to an extent of course: there are situations where it is unreasonable to expect one to follow the rules or to know about them (eg. EULA which are only presented after the item is already purchased and installed/opened etc.), or when a rule/etc. isn't self-evident. And yes, I do realize that common sense isn't common: people have different expectations based both on personal experiences and whatnot.

But, damn, I like rules. I like order. I like it when people keep their word — or at least honestly try. I like it when people do their very best. I like it when people have good honest explanations for their actions (good or bad). I realize I can't have this always. I realize that I'll never ALWAYS have my way. But when do I have to give up on people? When do I have to throw in the towel on my expectations for people to keep their word or hold up their end of a bargain (whatsoever it might be)? Are there any hard and fast rules?

Should there be?

Damn complexity of life sometimes. And yes, I'll admit to writing this while frustrated, but I think it's a better explanation of who I am than it is an explanation of the situation(s) that frustrate[s] me. *sighs*