So I haven't been posting lately (in fact I haven't since my birthday)…

… so I thought that although I've been up do a whole lot in recent weeks, that I'll type up a brief posting of what's been happening in the last few travels of my summer. I have pictures up on Facebook too if you wanted to check those out.

— Had some good conversations with JD — we're not dating (considering the distance among other factors that was a wise decision), but we still talk nearly every day.
— Went to The Taste of Edmonton and had some yummy food. Also took walks in the river valley and elsewhere.
— Road tripped to Vancouver with Logan. Logan took me for an excellent birthday dinner on Granville Island.
— Went ziplining on Grouse Mountain, which was a tonne of fun!
— Celebrated Grandma's 80th birthday
— Got to see lots of relatives in Vancouver
— Went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge (Which was pretty nifty).
— Had a Japadog!
— Walked Stanley Park.
— Saw Colin and Peter!!
— Saw Cirque du Soleil's Kooza!!
— Walked about Cloverdale
— Swam in my aunt and uncle's pool
— Went to St. Louis for the 10th annual CKI Large Scale Service Project where I painted by numbers, did all sorts of random tasks, and organized bathroom fixtures among other things.
— Had AWESOME root beer at Fitz's in St. Louis. (ditto for Fitz's cream soda in bottles)
— Attended a good CKI International Convention with awesome people
— Went to Blueberry Hill (great restaurant), Cheeseology (mac 'n' cheese restaurant) and a really fabulous authentic Japanese restaurant in St. Louis.
— Walked the Delmar Loop & bought graphic novels
— Came home (after spending the night in the Vancouver airport)
— Saw The Kids Are Alright (thoughts it was a strange movie, but not a bad one)
— Took a roadtrip with Roy to Helena Montana. On the way we saw Montana Tumbleweeds, a cemetary, an art gallery, a museum and much more!
— Enjoyed Kiwanis District Convention including great sessions, wonderful people, a trip to the Gates of the Mountains, free time to explore, and purchasing of three new(ish — I've played them before) board games
— A visit to the Bass Pro Shops on the way home… plus seeing awesome wildlife.
— My grandmother died, which is both a relief and sad. I'm glad that she didn't have to suffer any longer though, and I imagine that it will be less work for my family etc. It really is too bad though — and I guess when she gave all of us girls our wedding presents last year, she was right that she wouldn't make it to our marriages (if we all do have them).
— Watched On the Town (1949) at the Royal Alberta Museum. Loved it. Thought one of the women reminded me of Grandma, which made me smile inside even more.
— Went to the Fringe with Graham. Saw three shows including Eccentrically We Love (by The Fugitives, probably my favorite band to see live frequently).
— Saw Scott Pilgrim vs. The World! Absolutely adored this video gameesque movie!
— Actually got back to work, actually caught up on email (in one account), actually am getting back in shape etc.

Yes there are other things. Yes they are not universally good or bad — but this is of course a public venue so this cliff notes version will do fine to catch you up if you're interested. Feel free to ask me questions or whatever if you want more info.