And fun things reward a paper written: SOSFest and Much Ado About Nothing!

So, Beth tells me today that not only can I attend the outdoor concerts for SOSFest for free but that one of my absolute favorite bands is playing… well of course I attend! We walked down to Whyte Ave together and catch The Fugitives live! It was a wonderful concert — not as good as their indoor shows (shorter, and I think they are a bit travel weary as they were on the road up until their performance time), but it was wonderful to see them perform again! And they're apparently playing the Fringe at 5pm every day at the BeSweet (?) stage! I totally wanna catch their set in August now too. Sure I've seen them more than well… any other band in the last couple years, but I firmly believe that it's worth it to me. And hey, you can't lose when it comes to free concerts.

I even got to see awesome people at SOSFest that I hadn't seen for MONTHS in some cases!

While I would have loved to catch some more tunes (Yoav seemed pretty awesome from the first song or two for example), I also really wanted to catch Much Ado About Nothing at the Freewill Shakespeare festival tonight, and so walked all the way there in my new sandals (yes I now have blisters, in a spot on my foot that I don't usually get blisters in. They aren't serious though, and I'm rather happy to have walked as far as I have today, so no worries!

The cool thing is that the Freewill Shakespeare Festival has free admission to students of all ages on Sundays this summer! So instead of buying a ticket, I just paid for concession food (Funky Pickle pizza as I was craving pizza for most of the day). Overall, I spent a remarkably small amount of money today considering my entertainment. I even treated Beth to tea while still at SOSFest!

Regardless, Much Ado About Nothing was far better than I expected. Not only was the acting amazing (as it is every year) but having not been familiar with the play, I found it easy to follow, uproariously funny, and very dramatic. I've always been more familiar with Shakespeare's tragedies rather than his comedies, so any comedy that I see that I immediately like is like a pleasant surprise. Even though I haven't come across a Shakespearean play that I've ever really disliked (I've disliked many an interpretation, however), normally I strongly favour the tragedies, so to be laughing THAT hard was a pleasant surprise!

Now I just can't wait to see the Scottish Play next week with Eric & other(s)!