Organizing: done for the moment… working and catching up: nearly on target!

Okay, so it's not quite the first week of July anymore. This means that I am probably a little further behind on the self-imposed deadline for the paper I'm writing than I would like to be, but I'm mostly caught up on my distractions.

Indeed: I finally managed to wade through all the district administrator files that I had had transfered to me from Darlene. In the long run I would like to digitize things for the We-Can, but in the short term, organizing meant removing absolutely useless extra copies of things (there are still multiple copies of many items, just not as many), and understanding what exactly I had. If anyone were able to help me with this, it might just get accomplished within the year, but I'm sure that it's not a huge priority for me, to be honest. I would like to digitize both a) currently useful resources and b) historical resources for the district, however, but on 0 budget (well I'd really rather not spend huge amounts. As much as I have the skills to do much of it myself, I don't have the equipment, time, finances etc.).

Perhaps a more achievable goal: I would like to re-begin an alumni database for CKI in the We-Can. Now that I actually understand how to make relational databases, I think I could even succeed at this, but I just don't know how best to go about doing it. Why? Well I don't want the info publicly accessible on the Internet… but I'm not sure that it would be safe just on my machine. I don't want to spend forever creating a front-end interface, or really a back-end interface for the database either… but Access sucks, and I'd really rather not have such a continuity database on some sort of proprietary software (particularly not something that would need to be upgraded as frequently as Access is, as much as I could easily go with Access and run with it). I'm very tempted to put it all in some sort of PHPmyadmin thing and just go with it, but where would I put it for it to be safe long term, particularly since alumni stuff has NO budget, and I don't wanna do what I did last time, which was lose half the stuff I was working on due to the fact that I didn't know what on earth I was doing with Access at the time, and because I simply stopped having the time to work on it. I also want whatever it is to be secure, given that I'm sure that it would have a lot of personal (mostly outdated) data stored within it. Any advice, support etc?

So, yeah, that's where that stands.