A little Oslo update

So I've been in Oslo for well… one and a half weeks I guess I could say… meaning that I'll be leaving far too soon. I like this city — yes I find the Norwegian hard to read/understand and yes I do thing some things are strange about this city but I do rather like it here (and not just because J.D. is here either, though that does make a huge impact on things, particularly as he's likely to be here for quite some time more…. *sighs* I'm very much going to miss him when I leave… dratted lack of teleportation devices!).

J.D. works at Opera Software. I rather think his workplace is pretty awesome. I got to tour it and we had a lunch there for Constitution Day (17 mai) among other things. I very much like the hot chocolate/coffee machines! But really he does work in a mighty awesome office — if I could find a job nearly that awesome, I'd be one happy woman! Of course I have school to deal with first… and I won't be done that until 2012 which is a ways away.

The neighbourhood he lives in has a lot of awesome little kebab shops, sushi places and pizza places. These are all the cheapest foods to get in Oslo and the sushi quality is rather good (much better than Edmonton) given that it is the cheapest foodstuffs you can get outside of grocery stores. We've had sushi twice, kebab twice and take out pizza once (the pizza had the most excellent of toppings including chicken, pineapple, beef, peppers etc. and that's not even the strangest stuff available! You can get french fries on your pizza here!).

Grocery shopping is FUN here — and that's not just because I work at a grocery store in Edmonton. I really like seeing all the interesting products available at the local Kiwi or Meny grocery stores. The bread here is pretty fantastic for one! And the strawberries NEVER tasted like this in Canada. Generally it's not easy to find everything we're looking for food-wise but there are so many other delicious options… not as fancy as many countries, certainly, but it's an adventure none-the-less.

Last week I was sightseeing with Kim every day. We saw everything from the water to the mountain and much in between. For a souvenir I'm eyeing a jacket or a sweater… and I'm thinking of what I'll go back for next week for a gift or two. Pricey to get a sweater or jacket but heck they'd be worth having and I wouldn't mind the tax refund either.

So yeah I have pictures and whatnot on Facebook, eventually maybe a video or something on YouTube (not yet though). Pictures of 17 mai will go up at some point (soon I hope to get around to it anyway!). I'm having a wonderful time but as per usual there's not enough hours in the day to do everything I'd like to do.

And lately I'd like to do a whole lot (as much as yesterday and today have been veg. on the computer days I should get out and about again soon.

Things I would still like to do:
— go sightseeing with J.D.
— spend some time at the Ibsen museum
— spend some time at the Munch museum
— go to the Resistance museum
— and there's maybe 2-3 other museums or things I would like to see.

Non-touristy things to do are many. As of yet though I've been enjoying it all… even when things don't go as planned like our rainy picnic at paradisbukta (paradise beach), or the mess we made at the 17 mai lunch…