Arrived in Oslo, spending time with J.D. = awesome!

So after an interesting plane flight experience (including two children kicking the back of my seat, a homecooked Lebanese sweet (similar to a donut but nothing like one), kids comparing Norway to Canada, kids being friendly, and whatnot), an interesting yet brief connection at Heathrow, and a fun arrival in Oslo (I rather like the airport's architecture, and we took a bus to the right part of the airport…) all my luggage arriving safely etc…. I met up with J.D. and we took the Airport Express Train to Oslo Sentralstasjon and a tram home to his place.

I arrived on Friday afternoon/evening, and wasn't immediately hungry or anything so we went for a walk. The walk was good: we ended up back by Sentralstasjon and in a nearby mall bought some new bedding (this was an adventure as it was hard to figure out where to buy such, and what the packaging said). Our purchases were at this store called Princess.

I rode a bysykkel for a bit but was awkward and nearly got into the path of a trikk… but today I rode one again and was much better off (although the one I rode today was broken: it lacked a right brake). J.D. gave me a tour of Opera Software's office and I got to eat a kebab as a late dinner once I was finally hungry.

Today we got going late but stopped by the posten and then checked out this farmer's market. After that we went to a world free trade day 2010 celebration (and had some free food plus an AWESOME vegan milkshake). The equivalent to the Salvation Army was also serving yummy pancakes for free. We continued walking down a sidewalk market for a while before we ended up at the cemetary where we hiked about and saw some mighty famous graves including Henrik Ibsen's and Munch. It really was beautiful (and a beautiful day). After that we stopped for some delicious sushi for dinner (perhaps too much dinner but it was pretty awesome! I rather like having sushi in countries where the ocean is nearby and love the variety in items offered. No California rolls here!!)

And although I was tired earlier today I think that all is well with the time change and all. I'm enjoying my time today. Now we're playing games and whatnot. Tomorrow we'll meet Kim too!