Conferences and conventions oh my!

So with FIP come and gone (it was a most excellent conference and gives me much hope for next year's edition), I've come to realize that I really really ought to make some decisions/plans regarding this upcoming year's conferences/conventions and whatnot. There's a lot to consider, even as I slowly grapple with the everyday.

So what's up? Well…
I attended the Kiwanis SLP conference in January (Denver, CO)
and FIP in February (Edmonton, AB)

And will be attending (anything truly tentative is prefaced with 'possibly'):
CKI DCON in February (Edmonton, AB)
HuCon in February (Edmonton, AB)
CKI GATC in April (St. Louis, MO)
Possibly ALC in April/May (last week of April beginning of May) (Jasper, AB)
(likely a trip to Oslo, Norway? for the majority of May, though that's not a conference)
Possibly DHSI in June (Victoria, BC)
Kiwanis ICON in June (Las Vegas, NV)
Possibly DRS in July (Montreal, PQ)
CKI LSSP and ICON in August (St. Louis, MO)
Possibly Kiwanis DCON in August. (Helena, MT)
[not sure what would transpire for fall semester]

With this tentative schedule I realize that a) I really really really need to figure out my finances in more detail (the money is there IF I need it, but I'd rather be cautious, and sort out financial situations in the most logical of manners), b) I probably can't take on a summer job UNLESS I can do it from my computer on the go, or on my own time (research work is good) c) if I don't find research/special projects work for the time in the summer that I'm actually around, I can squish more hours in at SaveOn, but I'm not sure how happy I will be to do this extensively…. then again this is the precise reason why I still do work at SaveOn after all, d) I really really should look into costs of conferences/how to get to them, scholarships etc. And yes, if you're curious the above listing already takes into account the fact that I've already decided not to attend a fair number of conferences/conventions as it is.

*sighs* so much to think about, so much to plan!

In other news, I'm running a workshop on how to run effective meetings at ENTS in less than two weeks (now that I have building access and everything!), am getting a fair bit done on the RA side of things, and am getting excited about my presentation for HuCon among other things. There is a LOT on the go right at this moment, but gosh balancing enjoyment with my busy schedule helps a tonne — particularly with me playing the Wii and chatting with my man regularly, as well as going and having regular time with folks with whom I enjoy spending time. For example, I enjoyed tonight's Pub night, and the SLIS board games night, and am looking forward to Pirates of Penzance tomorrow night. Reading week will also help with the whole catching up on things that are going on thing.