Pirates and lectures and busy-ness… all in a few days of a SLIS grad student

Just a brief note: I'm really enjoying myself as of late (I'm VERY busy with everything from data entry to conference planning to classes, to work, to fun, YES fun!).

Monday night's SLIS board games were extra awesome. I lost at Clue, I lost at Killer Bunnies, and I did reasonably well at Bananagrams.

Edmonton Opera's Pirates of Penzance with Kathleen, Darby and Stephanie was absolutely amazing. I really truly enjoyed the word play! Lots of entertaining rhymes, and slapstick-like dancing among other things. Very fabulous, and well worth watching. I think this operetta is very approachable regardless of whether or not you have ever seen opera before.

Seeing/meeting Kathleen is pretty cool though: it's nice to see what an actual MA/MLIS candidate has done in her research, and her perceptions on the program. I've seen her speak twice now (including right now), and find her research subject fascinating: particularly since I also adore traveling but have limited some of my travels for safety/etc. concerns among other issues… so this is definitely a relevant subject area to learn more about.

I don't actually expect to do research outside of this area at the moment but there are a lot of different options for the future!