Another less-productive-than-I'd-like-to-be weekend, but I'm making progress and having a great time

This weekend, I watched XIII: The Conspiracy with J.D. and totally found it both suspenseful and entertaining. Perhaps one day I should actually watch the Bourne movies as there seems to be a fair bit of similarity to the Bourne Identity from what I understand. I've been watching a lot of dystopian movies lately.

I chose this weekend to play the Wii with a different strategy in mind than I had previously: I played the activities I either a) hadn't tried before or b) hadn't done often. This has resulted in a whole lot of muscle soreness — which likely means that I'm doing something right as it feels like I really have worked out! That said, I probably should pace myself better as my soreness was affecting my concentration. I rather like being more productive than I have been so it's something I should watch for regardless.

I had quite a few things I could have gotten accomplished Saturday night, but instead mostly procrastinated and got caught up on things around the home. I did make some progress on things I needed to get done though. Sunday was much the same: less productive than I wanted to be but productive just the same: I went to an excellent #brunchwar at The Commodore for like 3 hours before heading back to the computer and then in the evening had some CKI things to deal with.

Today's been a busy one as well: I basically woke up (after being woken up by snow shovelling at 5am I tried to sleep until 8ish) and did grocery shopping (with TONNES of coupons!) before heading to the Art Gallery of Alberta to catch the opening. I even wrote three pages of poetry while in the soundscape there. What an amazing addition to the city core! I'm very happy/impressed with the gallery, and I've been to a LOT of art galleries over my years of travelling so this isn't a bad thing, certainly! The lighting effects in the architecture are neat, and I rather liked the Karsh exhibit! I really hope to return and use that interactive photo booth as well as take in the Storm exhibit that wasn't up and running while I was there. My favorite ever installation piece is still the Eucalyptus room I experienced at the old Art Gallery but the new AGA is so fabulous that I'm sure I'll experience a lot of equally awesome works of art in the future EVEN if I only attend a couple times a year (which is more often than I've attended in the past, by far!)… and given my time constraints a couple times a year is likely good.

I also managed to pick up my latest book win from the Metro, ate some Chicken for Lunch (second time ever, and it was yummy), and finish the required homework as well as help out with the CKI club elections, encourage people to attend CKI district convention AND attend Pub Monday. All in all it was one excellent day for accomplishing things really!

This week will be another busy one: FIP is on Friday, and I have a tonne else to accomplish, but now that I'm in the thick of things school-wise I think I'm probably on a roll to get things done.

And heck I even had the time to read a bit for pleasure today as well as for academic purposes. And maybe even enough time to play Master of Magic before bed? Gosh how I love playing this ol' game… it's still my favorite computer game after all these years!