In Denver safe and sound…

… but maybe a little bit more stuffed up than I would otherwise like. The Inverness seems like a reasonable enough hotel that I'm really going to like the amenities here (case in point: free wireless!) but gosh the trip here was an adventure.

Firstly, I had originally booked this particular flight in the hopes that I wouldn't have to miss class. Of course, since the incident in December, I evidently had to be at the airport earlier than previously expected: hence missing half of my class. I'm not terribly pleased with this.

I did get to the airport with plenty of time to spare, there not being too too many flights at that time, but it was a pain that it was shift change while I went through security and everything I had in my small carry on was searched.

On a positive note though, the customs official was fun: he even told Polish jokes.

Lunch was in the US departures area, meaning Molson Bar. The two items that looked the awesomest on the menu were unavailable, so I had awesome chicken gumbo soup (it really was great!) and a strange salad with buffalo chicken on it. It was strange because it was mostly lettuce and a tinsey bit of pulverized veggies and cheese with a lot of creamy dressing. Counterbalanced the spicy chicken well enough but it was still odd: had too many onions and celery but too small to pick them out.

So I took my flight — fortunately relatively straightforward except they changed the aircraft meaning that my seat numbered 13F didn't actually exist, and I was in 13D instead. This was a problem of course because the tickets were: A,C,D,F but seats were A,B,C,D. Lots of chaos. Regardless my luggage showed up and though I hurt my pinky in picking it up from the carousel, I got on the shuttle okay and off to the hotel just in time to miss all of this evening's events. I wish I hadn't had to miss tonight's stuff but whatever.

It's been pretty splendid to see friends (Tifanie, Jeff, Brent etc.) and others from my district (Ian, Don) as of yet. I'm sure I'll see more tomorrow. I'm not going to spend huge amounts of time online (though I can spend some certainly), but I'll be here a bit. In the meantime, I'm going to be a good little girl and get some reasonable amount of sleep for a change and go to bed before midnight… after first setting an alarm. It's going to be a long and busy day! No complaints though, and I still do want to go swimming while I'm here if I can.

And the Spotted Dog (the pub here) made me a most excellent bison burger. I was rather pleased.