Yes, it's true, I got a smart phone!

After handing in my paper, I headed to Edmonton City Centre and chatted with Telus, Bell and Rogers (in that order) before returning to Bell to make my purchase. I asked a lot of questions and got (the expected) funny looks when people heard that I was getting a smart phone after NEVER having owned a phone before, let alone a smart one. Telus was mediocre, Rogers was overly pushy and Bell had the perfect phone for my needs (well particularly with my long nails). It felt a bit like I was Goldilocks, looking for the perfect fit!

And while I really do not intend to use it much for voice calling, I do have it. Which in my books is pretty cool. I think I spent 3-4 hours today playing with the features (and doing a good job of screwing some stuff up temporarily — plus there's at least one icon accidently duplicated and that I want to make disappear (well the duplicate anyway) but can't somehow). Regardless, I like it, it works with my nails (or the stylus, but I'm not huge on styluses), and it has MORE than the number of features I really currently need. I learned how to do a bit of text messaging too — I have unlimited texting on the plan I signed up for, so texting is a good plan in general. Note that I will be likely still turning the phone off on a semi-regular basis, and that I still like the use of my home phone (limited minutes after all) but yeah, I do now have a cell phone so that ought to make me safer or something. Plus, I like how I can take advantage of my home WiFi network etc. now.

Regardless, I know there are a fair number of you who will be wanting my number. I do not post phone numbers (never have) publicly, but if you shoot me an email, or call my home number, or send me a message or something of the like, I'll certainly pass you my INCREDIBLY easy to remember (I've already memorized it) phone number. In fact, I would love YOUR number too, seeing as I don't think I have the majority of people's cell numbers.

But yeah if you're interested I got me a Samsung Omnia II phone. It came with some NHL content that I don't actually need, but find entertaining. It has a pretty darn good digital camera too. And it runs on a Windows 6.5 operating system. I do rather like the multitasking property, and I've already changed SOME settings (they're not to my satisfaction, but whatever). I also like the fact that it was a whole $50 cheaper than the flyer advertised it to be, and that the plan I'm currently on has appropriate features.

Coming from someone who has never used a cell phone let along a smart phone before, be prepared for me to screw up occasionally, and whatnot — but the learning curve isn't impossible, and I rather do like the selection of what they call 'widgets' on my phone — what's the harm in playing solitaire anyway?

In other, less related news: I started my Christmas shopping. Gosh I like to take advantage of opportunities.