Sick, with what seems to be a cold, but it's still a mild inconvenience!

Okay, so I don't much enjoy being sick. Sure that's an understatement, but it's the truth. I simply don't have time to be less than 100%. Which is, of course, also ridiculous, but the truth. I'm far too busy for that — now I realize that it's my own fault that I am as busy as I am (but heck if my life is not busy in one realm, it sure as heck better be busy in others…), but still, usually the fact that I am as busy as I am prevents me from being anything less than healthy.

But here I am sick. In fact I've been 'under the weather' since Friday morning when I woke up miserable. I've gone to bed at 7pm two nights running (I won't tonight though, if that isn't already obvious) and slept over 12 hours. So yeah, tomorrow's a rude awakening, though I am feeling leaps and bounds better than before. The disheartening part is that I'm far less than productive when I'm at all ill. I've been cocooning really and spending hours on end watching Gilmore Girls episodes, having naps and drinking liquids (and yes, eating when I remember to do so).

But yeah, I've been ill. Not horribly ill though — just the mild fever variety that means that I'm not as a-okay as I ought to be, and I'm a bit congested too, but that's otherwise pretty okay. I just really want to be well again. So that I can get everything done that I need to do, not to mention have some fun in the process. I really am missing out on a lot of social engagements. The fortunate thing is I'm feeling a whole lot better than I have been, and so that's pretty awesome in my books.