Brief Update Post Winnipeg

So I survived the Winnipeg adventure. Not that that should be a surprise to anyone, really, it being CKI and that having been my life for many years. Regardless, it was a FTC, people attended from THREE schools (yes that's right, three!), and Louis provided some great entertainment in his winning the Softball season to cap it all off. Really inspirational, really. The weekend would have made a great movie if it were written by the right writer.

Anyway it was fun to volunteer Run for the Cure — I missed walking it though. I really need to do some more walks for charity in the coming years — if you're planning on participating in one, I'd appreciate the invite. It's good for both my body and my mind really.

In other news, I bought some new earrings and a necklace on this trip — so I've essentially managed to replace the one I lost in Regina, though of course antique earrings are never the same.

This week has been pretty insane in the 'how busy can Ali be?' area. I did Read-In Week twice (at McKernan School and at Windsor Park Elementary) which was super fun and reminded me of the joys of reading aloud. I really love reading to people, particularly children. Hopefully I'll only continue to participate in this in future years!

Beyond all that I've been getting mildly involved with various things on campus, learning TONNES, and getting mildly (okay more than mildly) overwhelmed with the sheer volume of stuff I've been researching. I need to amalgamate everything effectively and who knows how good I'll be at that in the end. But whatever.

And I'll probably write a few posts about the non-class lectures I've been attending at some point this week or next, so look to read those as desired. There's some interesting stuff to take in on campus these days!