Extremes and I don't get along…

Maybe it's just the heat outdoors… or the fact that I haven't been sleeping well at all lately, but I definitely was in a mental funk today. Sure I put in 8hrs of work, finally got a form notarized, and otherwise worked on some of the items from my to-do lists (yes I have several at the moment), but it wasn't making me happy this evening. Nor did the internet suffice.

I tried reading (read two chapters of a new book), watched a couple episodes of That 70s Show, which almost pulled me out of my funk but wasn't sufficient.

I realized yet again that my archaic phone book lacks many people's numbers. I realized that I am too much of a weakling to move my fridge and figure out if looking at the back of it will help me determine what's wrong with it (it still keeps things cold, they just taste/smell strange).

And I leave for Nashville on the 24th, which is rather soon. Sometimes my travel schedule gets a bit crazy, I will admit.

Perhaps a good night's sleep will help. Perhaps if I plan some social engagements into the spare time I have until I leave that will also be a good thing.

Every cloud does have a silver lining though — and part of mine is that I'm getting a great amount of hours at work whenever I'm actually around and haven't booked time off, which will definitely help things 🙂

Oh and did I mention that I had won a SaveOn gift card at work? It's making buying lunches at work much lighter on the pocketbook, which is ALWAYS an excellent feeling.