Minor Frustrations

… and yes I will get back to writing my Vegas post soon… but first some minor frustrations:

— The Fridge smells horrible (the freezer is worse) and is flavouring food with the most bizarre flavour. This is resulting in my not buying groceries and instead attempting to go through what I have left. I'm really wondering what it is, as all my food seems intact. Regardless the fridge and freezer seem to be working fine and I DON'T THINK I've gotten ill from any of the food.

— Speaking of getting ill, I think I might have had food poisoning earlier this week. I felt utterly rotten on Tuesday (to the stomach mostly) and Wednesday wasn't much better. Today however I'm like 100% in comparison. It's either food poisoning or the random illness that a smattering of my co-workers have: similar enough symptoms. No idea what food would have caused it though. *shrugs*

— I don't like having to reschedule things. Apparently I need to reschedule my wisdom teeth removal. I'm just REALLY hoping that that works out somehow. As it was, the surgery was going to be on the perfect days… and now I'm going to have to re-do my requests for time off at work.

— Speaking of re-doing time off at work, since they rescheduled one of my required classes for my degree, I'm going to have a less than optimal school/work schedule this fall. It's not a bad schedule (and the school part will be rather consistent) but the off campus work will be less perfect based on this slight schedule change (can you tell I'm timing focused?).

— I'm still playing phone tag. I'm not a huge fan of phone tag, really. For years I wasn't even a fan of using a phone.

— And yeah, the more I think about cell phones, the more frustrated I am that there aren't more touch screen versions of smart phones that are useable with my nails rather than my fingerpads. No, I'm still not planning on getting a cell phone any time soon, but if I were (and I imagine I will eventually) finding one that I can use effectively with my nails would be of utmost importance…

— Oh and the usual gripe: People: if you're going to use self-scan, PLEASE a) read b) listen c) pay attention! Telling me that I can't expect you to know that you're overcharging yourself (by putting in a plainly obvious wrong item instead of the item you're actually buying) things because you don't read the screen is not an excuse. If you don't want to read, listen or pay attention, please use the full-service tills over there. Thank you.