Books and Movies… oh my! :)

So, someone mentions that I haven't posted much lately, and she's right, I haven't. So I guess I'll start by writing about that which I had been mentally thinking about posting lately: various media.

I've been reading a smattering of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and magazines lately. Plus I finally read the Watchmen, which I adored. It was utterly excellent!!

Following my reading of the Watchmen I went and finally watched the movie. I rather liked the movie as well. I missed the intertextuality of the graphic novel while watching the movie, but appreciated the decrease in emphasis of smoking in the movie. The movie's ending is also a better reflection of our post 9/11 world than the graphic novel was (though the graphic novel better reflects 1985 sensibilities).

I also finally read the Da Vinci Code. I wasn't as trapped by the suspense of it as I would have been had I not already seen the movie, but I rather liked reading the illustrated version. Plus I was surprised by that which differed from the film. The writing was a lot of telling rather than showing but was very accesssible and a well-developed/researched mystery. So I enjoyed that, although the writing style wasn't particularly jaw-droppingly amazing. I had a VERY hard time putting it down.

Last night I saw Star Trek!! I absolutely adored it and REALLY hope that there will be other Star Trek movies made with these actors in this universe. It really truly impressed me. It was indeed all that I expected it to be and more. I was giggling so much (plus to be honest was rather frightened at times…). The intro took me a bit to get situated with. The aesthetics were really well suited to the film as well.

On another note, I'd like to thank all who came out to the last board game gathering. I'm only sad that there weren't more willing/able/healthy enough to come out to play board games this time around, but I certainly had a good time! I'm not sure I'll be able to host as many of these as I would like in the coming months given my ridiculous travel (etc.) schedules but whatever. Sure, I don't host the most crazy of parties (usually) but I enjoy everyone's company for board games and discussions and good food (hey, this time I even baked!).

Now I'd better get off to work…